Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Check out our CRIB!

So Mtv called Lee and I and wanted to interview us for their hit show "Cribs of famous people Adopting from Poland"....But we turned them down! Oh, it's late and our sense of humor is wacky. Lee would like me to clarify that it is MY sense of humor that is wacky. Actually, this was a recent late night scene at the Weyers home as we tried to put together our daughter's room. The first hand-me-down crib was missing parts, the second borrowed crib was jimmy rigged and it just wasn't the right color, the third crib was purchased after I had a melt down. We are now experts at putting cribs together - which you will discover if you are adopting a younger child is NOT an easy thing to do. Be sure to read all the directions and have lots patience!! No word yet on dates. Pretty crazy - huh!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Unfortunately, we don't have 1st travel dates yet and have just decided to SMILE! (sometimes it is that cranky, irritated smile, but for the most part it is genuine and happy.) Like this Big Red Barn Lee and I found on Hwy 83. I bet really happy animals live inside! Ha! As we drove past, I let out a "Awwwww!" and Lee instantly knew to stop, pull over, and hit reverse! He reads my mind like that at times and I love it.....Didn't even have to ask!

In celebration of our 3rd wedding anniversary we took a drive on the back roads of rural Wisconsin heading North to Pike Lake State Park. With no real agenda, we went searching for God's beautiful fall foliage and we found plenty of it!

Our final destination was to the top of the Powder Hill Observation Tower. Otherwise known as the second highest point in Southeastern Wisconsin. It was actually pretty spectacular, cold but spectacular!

Happy Fall Ya'll ! Go take a Road Trip!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No Dates Yet!

I thought that I would just get that out in the open right away.  No dates yet.  We have been told to be patient and flexible and that is what we are doing.  We are not stressing about it because the scrapbooks for each child are not done yet! We are waiting on the "Commission to Meet" which is basically a stamp on our paper work that says the courts say it is okay to visit. The orphanage director and our children's legal guardian have both signed off saying it is okay to bring us abroad, however, we wait for the Stamp! From there, we expect about a 2-3 week notice to travel.   In the mean time, here is what we have been up to......

This is the Dinomite Closet. The picture hardly gives the organization justice, but let me assure you it is fabulous!  I now do not have an excuse for wearing one navy sock and one black sock to work!  :)

This is our son's room! It is a camping theme room. You can't tell in the picture that well, but in the far right corner is a JOHN DEER GREEN toy box. It was a toy box from my childhood (back then it was red) and I almost gave it away about 6 months ago, but something told me to keep it.   It was probably my Mom yelling from Heaven "don't you dare give that away, I stored it for you for  a zillion years!" I am so glad I didn't because it will now be around for a zillion more!

These are those darn little drawer/cabinet locks - that took hours to install. Yes, the tupperware cabinet was left open and free for little hands to play with. I wonder how many times I will find myself shoving all the tupperware back into place?? Ha!

And finally, this is our daughter's room, but there is more to come. We are awaiting the crib's arrival (a hand-me-down from my sister and the cute dresser to be complete!)

Most of all I must send out many thanks to Lee's family who came to visit and worked many hours helping us to get this far. All the while Lee was at Drill and I was at work. It takes a village!

PS - Lee and I made it through Baby's R Us and successfully spent $200 dollars.   I liked it before when I just left overwhelmed and crying!!!  Ha!  I love this Journey!  Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beautiful fall colors - Who has broken down and turned on their heat?