Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just a little tid bit.....

Because my life is all about potty training at the moment, I have to share a little tid bit to those out there that are also enjoying these exciting times. Aggie is progressing very well in the potty training department, in fact, we played the "no more diapers" game last Tuesday and have been in big girl underwear ever since. Exciting, right? Well, my tid bit is...... when you embark on this adventure be sure to tell your day care provider that it is NOT necessary to return poopy underwear to you. When there are messy accidents, and there will be messy accidents it is OKAY to just throw the soiled underwear away! Literally, off the body and into the garbage. Okay? This is very important to remember because there is nothing more gross than carrying home stinky underwear!! :) and that is all I have to say about that! Have a Fabulous Day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It was a Big Day

I just had to post .......ADAM IS FINALLY POTTY TRAINED! Seems like a very personal thing to write about, but somehow I know we are not the only ones who have had challenges with this topic so I have to share. Lee and I have tried EVERYTHING since we returned home from the Cheerios trick to "showing" him how to do it. We have encouraged, praised, and have spent countless hours sitting in the bathroom explaining exactly "how it is done". Let me tell you that listening to Lee explain peeing to a 4.5 year old has been hysterical! I bet we have even logged OVER 100 hours watching potty videos. (Favorite is Potty Power - very catchy tunes, be careful!) I had resolved a while ago that our little guy was holding on to his diaper because it was one thing he could control in his life. Can't blame him really. If my world had been Topsy Turvey since it began, I think I would enjoy the luxury of just allowing someone else to clean my butt for a while too!! Well, what finally did it was this.....A couple of weeks ago I bought tablets that turn your bath water colors. These colors meant everything to Adam - he loved them. If Adam "sat on the potty and tried", he got to pick out a color to throw into the tub and watch the water turn. We decided to change the rules a bit a couple of days ago and told him he could only pick a color if he actually WENT. That evoked a lot of drama, so the next day we simply said "No more Diapers!" (another song in the Potty Power Video). He ran around the house naked having a lot of fun for about the first 2 hours. Then he really started to agonize because he really need "to go". There were tears, there was "mommy, please!", he even sat on his diaper changing mat with his legs in the air and yelled "diaper!". It absolutely broke my heart to say No. Then, in the crying mess, he couldn't hold it any longer and went! Lee rushed him to toilet! We were cautious it was a fluke, but 5 minutes later he stood up and pee'd all by him self again into the toilet! I can't begin to explain how proud he looked. As if something finally clicked and it registered "I CAN DO THIS and IT's OKAY!". "I'M A BIG KID NOW" (another song on the Potty Power Video) It was relief on Lee's face that warmed my heart too. Lee has been trying so hard to help Adam and his patience and hard work finally paid off. Let's not forget that I had been also praying so hard recently asking for major guidance for me and encouragement for Adam. I love the power of prayer - it's amazing. Ever since that BIG DAY, Adam will jump up from whatever he is doing, run to the bathroom, and go! aaahhhh, I think I see a manicure in my future with the diaper $$$ Saved. One child down, and a Aggie to go! Literally! Good Luck to everyone out there in the midst of potty training. It WILL happen, just be patient. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Aggie!

This is Mini-Mouse...ahem..I mean Aggie! She turned 3 today, and all I can say is...She is growing up so fast!

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First and foremost, Lee, I, Aggie and Adam want to thank all our family members for joining us for a wonderful Birthday Celebration for Aggie. Even Grandpa John! who skyped with us earlier in the day! This was her first birthday in the USA and it really was a fun time. It warmed up just enough that Lee didn't entirely freeze while BBQing, however, it wasn't quite warm enough to sit outside. Soon - Spring will be here soon! As with Adam's birthday and a Weyer's tradition, we read the story "On the Night You Were Born" by Nancy Tillman. Mommy got choked up as usual and had to stop on occasion to keep from completely breaking down in tears. We got through the story with only a few of Aggie's hands in her cake but not before we had to feed Adam a cupcake to keep his hands out of the cake too! There were presents galore. Everyone was so generous!

On a little side note, there is a birth-mother and father out there somewhere whom my mind was thinking of today. I prayed they could feel the joy and happiness Aggie felt inside and I prayed they knew how lucky Lee and I felt about their "Gift of Aggie".

Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Day!

A Love letter to Adam & Agnieszka

Dear Adam and Aggie,

FAMILY DAY. I doubt you understand the magnitude of this day at this time; however as time passes you will grow to learn how significant it really is. You will marvel at how it all came together and you will feel the warmth it brings your heart.

It’s bigger than any Hallmark holiday or snow day from school. It’s surpasses a trip to Monkey Joe’s or even Disney World. It’s larger than the largest ice cream and brownie sundae with hot fudge sauce and sprinkles, combined!

Family Day is a gift from God! Do you realize He orchestrated it all? From all different pathways, He brought the 4 of us together at the exact moment the judge said “Congratulations!”. (well, it was Magda our translator who actually said it…te, he, he!☺).

Throughout our journey, life had to happen “just right” for it all to come together so magically. We had to have a lot of faith and trust to keep going even though it felt really hard at times. We had to believe in something much larger than ourselves!

We will cherish this day every year with you, and every year we will share our story of how this day came to be. Through laughter and joy, we will celebrate the gift of family, count all our blessings, and thank those who have loved and supported us. But Mostly,….. we will pray. We will pray the gift of family is bestowed unto every little boy and every little girl around the world……and then we will hug! ☺

Happy Family Day!
Love always, Tata and Mommy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our little fish....

So, I made them hold hands..."Come on Adam, hold Aggie's hand" Click, Click, Click went my camera. They are not always this sweet with each other so I figured I had better document the event! Aggie looks leery which is probably smart because the two of them have a very typical brother-sister relationship. Full of Love, yet they pester each other all day long!

We had a fabulous weekend at the Wisconsin Dells. The Weyers family goes skiing every winter, however, Lee and I didn't feel Adam and Aggie were quite ready for skiing. We spent our time at the water park instead and had an absolute blast.

Adam was OUT at 6:00pm which made us pretty nervous. He wakes at 5:00am when he goes down at 7:30pm, so if he falls asleep at 6:00pm! EECK! Unbelievably, though I was the first to wake the next morning and nearly jumped for joy when I read the clock.....7:30am! Wow! Do you know how long it has been since Lee or I slept in till 7:30am?! It was quite the gift and if I could go back to the Wisconsin Dells EVERY weekend, I would!

It was a good day.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go Packers!

48 to 21 Packers vs. Falcons. Go Packers!
Is it okay to use your children's adoption journey blog for your own agenda?
It was a good game and we enjoyed it....and well, Aggie's enthusiasm should not be contained!
Go Packers!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Adam!

There is really something magical about celebrating a little boys 4th birthday. Their eyes just open wide when the lights are dimmed, and candles are lit and everyone starts to sing. "Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!" The excitement can't be contained! After singing we dove directly into the cake and ice cream and licked our bowls clean! On birthdays in my family the parent always shares the story of the day the child was born from morning till dusk and all the details in between. For Adam, we read from the book "On the Night You Were Born" by Nancy Tillman. I especially like the first page which reads...

On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, "Life will never be the same." Because there had never been anyone like you...ever in the world.

Lee and I embraced this moment with all our heart and it was so wonderful. To celebrate with Adam was such an honor. We think you are the greatest!!