Sunday, June 20, 2010

We have been on the GO!

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As I started to review our pictures from the last 2 weeks, I realized that we have really been on the GO! No wonder I am a bit tired this evening and no wonder Adam and Aggie took 3 hour naps on Sunday!

However, then I began to realize that this is our life and trying to manage all of our family, work, and community commitments can really be a struggle. We have been home 2 months, and quickly Lee and I have felt stretched to near capacity. Now, a lot of this is adjusting to our new routine and organization, but do I dare share the story about how I drove Adam and Aggie all the way to day care and Aggie didn't have any shoes on? Ugh, I was late to work on that day!! or how Adam walked around with a price tag still on a t-shirt he was wearing? Eeck! (although a really good buy at $1.99!) It's during times when dinner is burning, children are playing with dog food, juice is spilling on the carpeting, and socks are being thrown into the toilet that Lee and I start to recognize we are coming "un-glued", so to speak. But, recognizing is the key word and I am thankful that I have a husband who says "honey, I will finish up here." or I tell Lee "grab a beverage and go sit on the porch, I'll handle this". The two of us have decided that in order to stay "glued" we are awarding each other with a "night off". The individual with the night off gets the opportunity to do to whatever they want after work. My night was last night and with a little encouragement from Lee to enjoy myself I had a great chicken, artichoke, spinach, and tomato panini at Panera Bread and a delightful walk through the outlet mall. As I decompressed, I realized that I really missed my kids! Even though 24 hours prior I was thinking I needed at least a 2 week vacation from them I couldn't wait to get home and finish my evening routine of sneaking into their rooms and pulling their blankets up around their sleeping souls and kissing their foreheads. Yes.....we are on the GO, but we are GOING forward glued together. How do you stayed glued?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cupcakes & More!

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Life has changed....Alot! All good change, but changed nonetheless. For example, Aggie fussed one night from 12-4am and when the alarm clock went off at 6:00am for church Lee and I just wanted to "Sleep in". There is no such thing as sleeping in any more. On an average, the dishwasher is loaded and unloaded at least twice per day whereas in the past it was used maybe once every 3 days. This past weekend, I did 8 loads of laundry!!

But in between all the new chaos, Lee and I have experienced some great Mommy & Daddy moments. Aggie & Adam's hugs are like no other.....their tiny arms wrap as tightly as possible around us and there is always a little "squeeze". One night Adam was weepy and the two of us just held each other for 20 minutes in silence. Aggie rolled her eyes at one of Daddy's corny jokes and I high-fived her! We had salmon, rice and steamed broccoli for dinner and Adam ate everything on his plate! Aggie runs to Daddy's arms and squeals with joy when he picks her up from day care. During a stormy night, Adam crawled into our bed and snuggled close.

What are your Mommy & Daddy moments?