Saturday, June 9, 2012

On Our Way to Poland ~ Again

Yes, it's true. We are On Our Way to Poland ~ Again. We may be crazy and out of our minds to some, but for us God is sending us to Poland to complete a family. Months ago my heart was really speaking and tugging with the thought…"what would Lee and I do if Adam and Aggie had a sibling". I ignored it multiple times because I was sure others would think I was crazy. When I finally spoke with Lee, I was surprised he was open to having a heartfelt conversation about it. I think our discussion may have lasted about a week, but we finally decided that we would not adopt again. However, if we were presented with a referral for a sibling we would proceed immediately to keep the family together. Meanwhile, fast forward to the end of May when a call came in from our previous agency. "There is another child, a sibling, are you interested?" A burst of tears proceeded an overwhelming and enthusiastic Yes! I have never been so sure of an answer as I was at that moment. In retrospect, I am sure God was whispering months ago… "Be Ready, Be Prepared I am taking you on another journey". I don't have all the answers as to how we are going to manage this; traveling with 2 toddlers, financially affording this outrageous process, and mentally entering the "waiting" game again. But we have already seen Him working in our lives and bringing us all together. So, today we officially announce we are back in the game!