Friday, May 21, 2010

The Fun Continues!

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The last two weeks have been a splash of activity including a lap with a flu bug that took everyone down with 103 temps. We also started day care and I headed back to work. I was greeted by many smiling faces and a wonderful welcome back sign and then my computer slapped me with 6,196 e-mails! We will skip right over that because on Monday I have decided to just delete them all!! (except the ones from my Director!!) :)

We have also decided to have the children re-vaccinated. Lee and I have been very hesitant because we really feel Poland provided excellent medical care for the children and we did not want to put the Adam and Aggie through this. However after it was recommended by Children's Hospital and encouraged by our own Pediatrician, we go on Monday (Shhhh, don't tell the Kids!) for our first round. I see many trips to Cold Stone Creamery in our future!

Day Care (after two days) seems okay. Neither child napped or ate much and I suspect that it was due to nervousness and anxiety. One of the days was rainy and they didn't get to go outside either. Lee picked up hungry, sleepy kids who hadn't burned off any energy - Whoa! I didn't know monsters could still be so cute!

Adam has also started using the word "No" instead of "Nie". The first time we heard it we jumped up and down and got all excited, but then quickly realized we had just cemented positive reinforcement for his defiant act. Oh, was pretty exciting!

Our other exciting moment was .......drum roll please......Aggie went poopie in the potty!!! That was another rejoicing moment that just had me cracking up! Her big brother HAD to sit on the potty after that circus moment, but nothing came out. Bummer - because you can't flush the toilet if you don't go to the potty!! so, of course the tears flowed instead.

Lastly, I went to Walgreens and printed 1032 pictures from our 8 weeks in Poland. Not bad! I think it will take me 5 years to scrapbook all the photos!!

Make it a great day Everyone!

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Good to be Home

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Yes, it' good to be home and after 2 weeks of settling in we are On Our Way to being a happy family. We have had many visitors and it was especially heartwarming when Adam and Aggie met my Dad, Grandpa John, for the first time. Finally! A Grandson! :)

We are transitioning well and I have been pleasantly surprised at how great Adam and Aggie are napping and eating. We (myself included on some days) take 2 to 2 1/2 hour naps! It's Wonderful! One afternoon, they were asleep for 3 1/2 hours and I had to go check on them twice just to make sure everything was all right. ( I remembered...Never wake a sleeping baby!) On top of that, we still go down for bed at 7pm and wake up at 6am without any interruptions.

We have been very busy with pediatrician and various doctor appointments, day care visits, trips to the zoo, shopping, exploring, social worker visits and enjoying Spring. Everything in the house had to be "tweaked", re-organized and child-proofed just a bit more and so far (knock on wood) nothing has been broken. It's come close a time or two, but so far so good! My friends were right.....our home wasn't baby-proofed enough!

We have also started really enjoying bath time..... in a real tub! Lee said "no" to naked-baby pictures on the blog, but let me tell their little butts are super cute! Te, He, he!!

Lastly, we love Laurie Berkner's CD, Under A Shady Tree. Mommy's favorite is "I'm Gonna Catch You", Adam loves "Song in my Tummy" and Aggie.....She loves them all! I highly recommend downloading the album. You won't be disappointed!

All is well and it's so good to be home!