Sunday, May 31, 2009

The WWW brought us together

If someone were to ask me 6 months ago, I would have said something like "What's a Blog?" Now, I am facinated by reading posts especially those with content that is near and dear to my heart. Through "Blogging", I have been able to find other couples who are in various stages of adopting internationally in Poland. Some are in Poland at this very moment and others are awaiting news to complete their forever families! I am so thankful they are sharing their journey. Their stories are beautiful and loving and full of emotion. It is so interesting to learn about what they are going through and understand a little more thoroughly what lies ahead of Lee and I. I wish them all the best of luck and pray that God blesses each and every one.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What will I wear?

Thumb Print  photo

What will I wear to my finger printing appointment? Ha! No gloves and something with short sleeves for sure! Ha, ha!
We received our ASC Appointment Notice for June 3rd to have our BIOMETRICS taken. Of course the paper work says no cameras which sincerely bums me out. Doesn't the Government know that I am trying to blog about all this?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are we working backwards?

Hello! So, yesterday I pulled an envelope out of the mailbox from the Department of Homeland Security and about jumped 10 feet into the air. Could it be? Did our I-800 form truly get processed in 2 weeks? We were told 30-60 days! WOW! I ran into the house and yelled for Lee. "Lee, it's here!!"....... I tore open the envelope and raced to read it aloud....... and at that moment all the air went out of my breath and the bubble was burst........ What we received was the I-797 FORM! Goodness gracious if we started with the I-800 and are now only at I-797 this process is going to take FOREVER!! Can you imagine how long it will take to get to I-Numero UNO????
Well, that's a joke because it doesn't work like that and I am truly laughing...on the inside. If you could have been there to see Lee and I's faces you would be laughing too! I didn't have my camera close by or I would have definitely captured it on film and posted it here. We received a "Notice of Action" letter from the Department of Homeland Security telling us that they are in receipt of our I-800 paperwork and are sending us an acknowledgement notice. We are awaiting notification from them telling us when and where we will have our Biometrics done . (That's a big fancy word for Fingerprints). We will be given the "Specific time, date and location of the Application Support Center (ASC) where we must go to be fingerprinted". Sounds so....well, stuffy. I wonder if they'll let me take a picture of the event? Te, He, Hee! You KNOW I will have to Sneak one!!!