Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Infamous Pink Slip

Oh, bother. We got a pink slip. It's such a pretty color, but you know it is never good news. Always means a ripple erupted in the processing of your I-800A. Our home study needs a correction, however I am pretty sure it will be handled with a quick addendum and then turned around and sent back to Lee's Summit, MO pronto. Good 'ol Fed Ex profits again! LOL! Also, we are learning that two trips may not be as hard of a rule as we thought. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to get good news regarding only having to make one trip. There is consideration being discussed to bring us in 3 days prior to the start of our bonding period inorder to meet the director. Which of course we have already met, but sure! Two trips for us with someone in Kindergarten and another in pre-school along with OT appointments, etc. etc. just gets alittle complicated to schedule. Pray for one Trip! Over Christmas would be cool!!! :) …and let me tell you the hike to the top of this sand dune was very hard, but the view was incredible. Running down the sand dune was much better!! Attached is a picture from our recent vacation to the Oregon Coast. It was wonderful!