Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Day!

A Love letter to Adam & Agnieszka

Dear Adam and Aggie,

FAMILY DAY. I doubt you understand the magnitude of this day at this time; however as time passes you will grow to learn how significant it really is. You will marvel at how it all came together and you will feel the warmth it brings your heart.

It’s bigger than any Hallmark holiday or snow day from school. It’s surpasses a trip to Monkey Joe’s or even Disney World. It’s larger than the largest ice cream and brownie sundae with hot fudge sauce and sprinkles, combined!

Family Day is a gift from God! Do you realize He orchestrated it all? From all different pathways, He brought the 4 of us together at the exact moment the judge said “Congratulations!”. (well, it was Magda our translator who actually said it…te, he, he!☺).

Throughout our journey, life had to happen “just right” for it all to come together so magically. We had to have a lot of faith and trust to keep going even though it felt really hard at times. We had to believe in something much larger than ourselves!

We will cherish this day every year with you, and every year we will share our story of how this day came to be. Through laughter and joy, we will celebrate the gift of family, count all our blessings, and thank those who have loved and supported us. But Mostly,….. we will pray. We will pray the gift of family is bestowed unto every little boy and every little girl around the world……and then we will hug! ☺

Happy Family Day!
Love always, Tata and Mommy