Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Latest News

FAA grounds Boeing 787s to address battery fires

Go figure that we are booked on a 787.   Does everyone remember the last time we were booked on a flight out of  Poland?.. a Volcano stopped us and all of Europe! 

(we were delayed  one week due a no flying restriction becuase of air quality and an Erupting Volcano in Iceland)

Well, …It will all be okay.  Everything will be fine.  :)


kelly said...

Oh no! It will all work out :)

Laura and Brian said...

No worries! They will just re-book on another plane :) Leaving soon then?

Margaret said...

I know you are stressing. I am sorry but it will be ok when you are safety in Poland with your child in your arms.

Heidi said...

Oh no. It will all work out soon. I am sure they will have another plane scheduled for that flight right away. When do you leave?