Saturday, January 12, 2013

It will all be fine. Everything will be okay.

It will all be fine. Everything will be okay.

We are down to the home stretch and somehow I find myself in the uncomfortable spot of becoming overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.      How can that be? I’ve been through this before, I should be ready!     I try so hard to constantly think ahead and when I do I just think of more that needs to be done.       We will be in Poland for 9 weeks. We have been given the opportunity for one trip, but a long one at that. 9 weeks!

It will all be fine. Everything will be okay. 

Thursday after work I went to get groceries for the basics… milk, eggs, and couple of other dairy products, after which I ran into the house and started dinner, kindergarten homework, baths, bed time stories, prayers, oh and then laundry. The next morning I had a quick doctor appointment before work and hopped into my car at 7am.  As I turned the corner I heard something fall over in the back of my car……What was that? Oh, No………I forgot to take my GROCERIES into the house last night!!! Are you kidding me? Someone please tell me they have done this! LOL!!

It will all be fine. Everything will be okay.

We had our travel call last night and are very pleased with our accommodations for the first 4 weeks. We haven’t nailed down where we will be in Warsaw, but

It will all be fine. Everything will be okay. 

Lee & I  elected to work up until the day before we leave to save accrued time for our longer trip. My new piece of advice to couples in this process is TAKE MORE THAN ONE DAY Off before leaving. You need to have a couple of days to “take it all in, re-group, and rest” .

It will all be fine. Everything will be okay.

Have you figured out what my Mantra is yet? And What do you say when you talk to yourself?

It was Adam’s 6th birthday last week!   We had a good time!


Kenton and Amie said...

I have left groceries in the car overnight and had no excuse! Just forgot!!

It will be OK! It just may not feel like it right now :). Hopefully we will see you in Warsaw (positive thinking for me)!! Just don't take the apartment we want ;) kidding of course!!!

Good luck, we are praying for safe and smooth travels for your family!

Jennifer said...

This is exciting. I have checked daily, and I figured you had already left. I can't wait to read about your time there! :-)

Heidi said...

I am so excited for you. You are right everything will be okay! Before you know it you will be there and have all five of you together.

James and Melanie said...

What a sweet little guy! Happy Birthday Adam!! Oh bless your heart! I can feel your nervousness and frustrations. I would be a basket case too. I won't lie!! LOL! But it sounds like you're getting it done. You are all in my prayers. I am so excited and can't wait to see pics of all of you together! Blessings! Oh the grocery thing, yup, totally done that before!! LOL!

James and Melanie said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, "Potty training" It's more like, "potty what?" to my son! Lol! He simply doesn't care and yes, the whole buying diapers thing, let's just say we keep the pull-ups very near by!!He does well for awhile no accidents, etc. then we go weeks where I wish I would've just put him in a diaper. So ummm, no potty training tips here! :)

kelly said...

I can imagine how ecited you all are! I have also left groceries in the car, with no excuse! We were also fortunate enough to have one trip, it was just under 8 weeks. Long but totally worth it! Looking forward to pictures and updates from Poland =) !!

ourcontinuedadventure said...

It will be fine! You will be there one more week then we were but we were lucky enough to be there in the summer. I wish for you good weather, a nice place to stay and good sleepers! We NEED to see you all when you get back!

Jennifer A. said...

Very excited for you all!! Hoping for good travels, and YES, it all WILL be fine...just get that new little one in your arms. :-)

sarah said...

I remember being that crazed! It sounds like such a long time, but you will be so glad to have the one trip - I know we were.

Can it be true that I miss Warsaw? I'm looking forward to seeing posts from Poland!

It will all be fine. Everything will be okay. :)