Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our First Social Worker Visit and More.....

We survived our first social worker visit ….and it really wasn’t all that bad! I had visions of Adam and Aggie fighting or pushing our Gem down and general kid craziness…….But I thought it went really well! We answered some basic questions about our bonding period thus far, our routine, and if we were happy. The last question was an obvious yes.

We have really been blessed with our arrangement in Ostroda. It is a beautiful, picturesque vacation town that surrounds a huge lake with a brick boardwalk that runs about ½ of the lake. Right now there are often about 20 men ice fishing in the morning and by afternoon we always see at least one windsurfer. We did see someone biking across the lake and thought that was a little strange. We discovered the BEST pastry shop that serves fabulous donuts in the morning and cookies in the afternoon. It tops Starbucks with some incredible frothy latte’s. One day we had two in one day and the women behind the counter just smiled at Lee and I as if to say…..the two of you deserve it with three! LOL! I was extremely happy that day because I was very WIDE awake.  This might be our little secret to success.

We take two walks a day in the morning and afternoon to feed the ducks and swans and to go the Sklep for supplies. Our refrigerator is the size of a college dorm appliance and holds just enough for one day of rations. I always wait outside the Sklep  with Adam and Aggie in our Kid SUV and Lee goes in and purchases the groceries with the Gem on his back in our Kelty Kid backpack. He says the people who work there are finally warming up to him and smiling because they are getting down his routine. I wonder what they will think when one day ….the American with the Gem on his back all of sudden stopped coming?

In the afternoon we  work on Adam and Aggie’s lesson plans from school and watch at Doc McStuffin at least once a day. If any of you know the TV show, it comes in DVD form and  is about the cutest thing ever. I have all the songs memorized. “Time for a checkup!”

We have had our ups and downs comforting the Gem. The first couple of days were a  little tough. Lots and Lots of crying. We have a child who only stops crying if held. I know some of you have commented about your arms being so sore…. I get it now! I wake up in the morning like you with oh, so, sore arms!! We had to make a trip to the ER  also because of a violent vomit attack (all over Lee) We were fearful it was the flu because of a low grade fever, however, I think I knew …..and my mommy gut was telling me it was a lot of emotion coming out   We have been better for few days and there are more smiles now than stone faces.   Even though nights can still be very scary for the Gem, we  drink formula at bedtime (which surprised me at age 2 the Gem was still doing this but I am not making any changes) and go fast to sleep soon thereafter.

We had prepared Adam and Aggie for this adventure prior to leaving by talking about the adoption whenever we could, With that being said we are still seeing a bit of regression in behavior . Aggie will occasionally retreat until Lee can sit with her for awhile and reassure her that mommy and daddy love her very much. Adam has occasionally says.. “can we go home now?” and gets sort of mad when we explain as gently as we can why we can’t.

No one really smiles here, but that is not new to us.   Just a difficult adjustment for someone like me who say Hello to all.   And they are still as pushy as ever in the grocery stores!

Other than that, we are plugging along and trying to eat as many delicious pierogies as possible!!

A few more weeks to go!   Hope all is well at home and with you!


Badonkadonk17 said...

Did you feel prayed for when you drank the caffeine. Hope so. Peace my friends.

Lee and Martha said...

Yes! Thank you!!! He does work through Caffeine!!

Heidi said...

It sounds like everything is going well. I'm glad the first social worker visit went so well. The town you are in sounds wonderful! I am so happy for you all being together finally.

ourcontinuedadventure said...

Love following your progress!

Jennifer said...

Love the update.

Ashu was on five bottles of formula a day (at l7 months), 3 meals, and 2 snacks. ..just saying. I did take him off cold turkey when he came home, and he was fine, but now I think I probably should have left him enjoy it a little longer.

I didn't realize your little one is two.. such a great age. :-)

The area sounds great there. I can't wait until you are home and post photos.

kelly said...

Sounds wonderful! So happy to hear things are good, just some of the expected bumps :) love Doc Mc Stuffins here!

Tom and Kara said...

Keeping your family in my prayers, I hope everything continues to go smooth enough, and your little Gem's heart continues to heal.

Monika U said...

Hello Martha and Lee
I am very sorry that I missed your last day at the daycare and thank you so much for the very touching note. I was sad to hear that you won’t be coming back. :( I was looking forward to meeting your new bundle of joy. I want to wish you all the luck in the world and please give Adam and Aggie a big hug from me. I hope that one day I will be able to meet your new addition to your wonderful family! Keeping you in my prayers!
Ms. Monika

Kim Nicely said...

We are adopting from a village to the east of where you were! We really enjoyed hearing about the area.